IMITs trustees are appointed for a period of three consecutive years.

There are twelve trustees, of which three are appointed by each of the following organizations:
  • Principal Stefan Bengtsson, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Senior lecturer Per Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Hans Persson, ESN Germany
  • CEO Jerry Bengtsson , Tetra Pak AB
  • Stephan Muchler, Sydsvenska Industri- och Handelskammaren
  • Lars Henriksson, Alfa Laval
  • CEO Henrik Pålsson, Networked Brains
  • Professor Per-Jonas Eliaeson, Stockholm School of Economics
  • CEO Roland Fahlin, Roland Fahlin AB
  • CEO Staffan Håkanson, S Håkanson Konsult AB
  • Docent Terrence Brown, Royal Institute of Technology
  • Fredrik Vernersson, McKinsey & Company

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