About Foundation IMIT

The Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology was established

In 1979 through co-operation between the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL), Chalmers University och Technology, the Stockholm School of Economics, the Royal Institute of Technology, and Lund Institute of Technology. Since then IMITs aim has been to pursue and promote research and development in technical and industrial renewal and administration, as well as participating in training in this sphere.

IMITs research

Is primarily concerned with how the benefits of technical development can be improved by providing knowledge of industrial management and economics. IMIT acts as a creative link between the development of scientific knowledge in academia and actual industrial renewal work. The purpose is to facilitate the collaboration and knowledge exchange between the two cultures on which industry largely is based, namely, technology and engineers on one side and management experts and economics on the other.

We hope

That you will find this brief information useful whether you are a scientific researcher, consumer of research activities, or interested in research on the subject of “Management of Innovation and Technology” in a more general sense. Please contact IMIT if you are interested in co-operating, or would like more information. One way to get more information(in Swedish) about IMIT is to read the magazine Management of Innovation and Technology, which IMIT publishes quarterly with a circulation of around 17,000 copies. The magazine gives information to industry leaders and researchers concerning current research.


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