Armand Hatchuel


Armand Hatchuel is Professor of Industrial Design and Management at Ecole des Mines de Paris and Deputy director of The Center for Management Science (CGS, 16 permanent researchers, 25 doctoral students).

Armand Hatchuel’s initial field research has been the theory and history of management. This research is developed in partnerships with firms and institutions following a specific methodology called “Intervention-Research” which rebuilds the old tradition of action-research on better conceptual and scientific foudations.

Since 1990, he concentrated his research on what is now called in France “the revolution in design and engineering management” and specifically on the new knowledge dynamics related to that long wave of change. It gave the material for his 1992 book with Benoit Weil,translated in English in 1995: “Experts in organizations”, Walter de Gruyter, Berlin-New york.

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