Bengt Stymne

Professor Emeritus

Bengt Stymne is Professor of Organisation Theory. He has published books and articles on systems theory organisation of work, technology and organisation, and organisational design.

He is responsible for the scientific integration of the FENIX Programme. The FENIX Programme aims at creating knowledge on business creation that is both useful for practice and of scientific value.

An important way to accomplish this goal is finding new forms for joint research between industry and academia.

At present he is involved in a research project to find out how much local universities and other regional sources of knowledge have contributed to some major product innovations from California, France, Japan and Sweden. Who act as mediators and translators in the transfer of knowledge from the regional level to the firms?

Pågående project

3067 Pay Systems – Knowledge – Productivity
3621 Compete: IT for Business Processes in SMEs
4065 Knowledge Management: Present Practice and Future Agenda
The Missing Link. How does regional knowledge become successful products?

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