Bertil I. Nilsson

Lic. Eng

Bertil I Nilsson holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, a Licentiate of Technology (Industrial Management) from Lund Institute of Technology. After a couple of years as department manager and business area manager within the cooperations of Alfa-Laval AB, Volvo AB and VBB AB/Sweco, he has returned to academia and is now associate assistant Professor of Industrial Management at Lund Institute of Technology on part time.

Bertil I Nilsson is also assigned by IMIT as local representative in southern Sweden.

The basic operations are performed within ResursBruket AB, with long term contract with Moody International and Höganäs AB. Here the business area is quality assurance, project management and competence development.

The research focuses on development into sustain competitiveness, through strategic management, via process designed project development, quality management and human resource development.

An pre-study to a research project will initiated with the following theme. Today the introduction of a complete process orientation in accordance with the quality management systems like ISO9000/TS16949 will have an effect on the pre-phases of the business projects, both in innovation and in industrialisation. The hypothesis is that pre-phases will be shorter and sometimes omitted, when the Innovation/Industrialisation-processes will include business projects. The required activities and deliverables will be performed within sub-process, instead of in pre-phases of the project. (Business projects are the main projects, initiated mainly through the strategic plan and can influence all or the main part of the three ingredients of the business mission of the company – market, product, resources).

Activities are also focused on area of Production Management, with application of assembly system theory from automobile industry into construction industry.

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