Henrik Florén

Associate professor

Henrik Florén holds a PhD in Technology Management from Department of Industrial Management and Economics at Chalmers University of Technology. He is currently associate professor of industrial management at the Department of Innovation Management at Halmstad University, and senior researcher at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). Since 2011, he is also Guest Professor at School of Business and Management at Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China.

Henrik’s research interests are within the field of innovation management, specifically related to the interplay between technology, product and business development in the context of digitalization and emerging technologies. Presently, his work revolves around how organizations change and develop with a focus on the management of innovation work, and the development of innovation capabilities in small and medium sized firms. In his position at RISE, Henrik’s work is mainly oriented towards supporting organizations in their efforts on developing innovation capabilities as to ensure both short term competitiveness and long-term survival.

His work has been published in journals such as California Management Review, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, and International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research, among others. He is also member of the International Advisory Board of Journal of People and Organizational Effectiveness.

CV Henrik Florén

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