Martin Sköld

Associate Professor

Martin Sköld holds an MSc degree in Industrial Management and Business Administration from Halmstad University, and a PhD in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. Currently he is Assistant Professor of Innovation and Operations Management at Stockholm School of Economics.

Martin’s research is divided in three major areas. One is focused on managerial and strategic aspects of mergers and acquisitions, with specific interests in challenges and opportunities when realizing synergies in post merger processes. Another field of interests is product platform development, researched from a strategic, managerial, organizational, and technological point of view. A third major area concerns strategies for complex industrial corporations and the development of global industrial networks.

A great majority of Martins research is interdisciplinary with a management oriented approach. Most of the research is performed in close collaboration with industrial firms and other organizations, over long periods of time. Much of the research is carried out in “clinical” projects taking active part in the change processes.

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