Per Svensson

PhD, Senior Lecture

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Technology Management and Economics. Former Head of department, Department of Technology Management and Economics.

Per Svensson has been carrying out education, management research, and consulting mainly in the fields of management of technology, project management and engineering economics.
The main emphasis of his research has been in the field of management of research and development. His PhD thesis concerned the management of product development projects and studied the cost structure and cost and time overruns in product development projects in Swedish engineering companies. He has been the project leader of a research program “Strategic investment management of research and development” focusing on the process of resource allocation to Research and Development. He has been engaged in a research program on managing complexity, renewal, and change in R&D intensive firms.
Per Svensson has conducted numerous management development programs, workshops and seminars on R&D management and project management topics. He has developed several management programs for managers and project leaders in R&D organizations.

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