Sören Sjölander

Professor emeritus

Sören Sjölander is Professor of Innovation Enginering & Management at Chalmers. He has published books and papers on business strategy, technology and innovation management, venture capital and entrepreneurship.

He is the founding chairman of the Center for Business Innovation @ Chalmers aiming at creating actionable knowledge for management science, owners and executives of industrial companies, venture capital and investment banking on business innovation management. He is the founder or co-founder of a range of related organizations, including Champs, Chalmers Innovation, Chalmers Invest and a number of high technology spin offs. His devotion is creating useful management theory and apply it and to get others to use it.

He is on the board of a range of listed and non-listed technology companies and foundations and a member of the Royal Academy of Engineering sciences.

Currently he is focusing high tech business creation, experimentation, modeling and ownership & control.

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