Sten Wandel

Professor emeritus

Sten Wandel holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and a MBA from the University of Stockholm. He has been a visiting professor at MIT and Stanford in the US and at IIASA in Austria. Before joining Lund University he was for 20 years Professor of Logistics and Transport Systems at Linköping University and for 5 years at the Swedish National Defense Research Institute working with economics and future studies.

He is on the boards of Ericsson Supply Chain Academy (Stanford-Ericsson-Lund) and the European Forum on Global Supply Chain Management (Eindhoven-25 companies-Lund He was the co-founder of the International graduate school of Management and Industrial Engineering at Linköping University. Wandel has also had expert assignments to United Nations in Geneva, OECD and CEMT in Paris, European Commission and several leading international transport, manufacturing, and consulting companies. He is on the advisor board of some hi tech companies in logistics-IT and filed recently a patent of his own.

His own research is currently focused on: Future Supply Chain Paradigms (e.g. Risk based), Øresund as a logistic hub for N. Europe, Experiences of industry-university collaboration models, and Smart electronic labels. Earlier he has worked with 0-fare on the Øresund bridge, E-SCM, Third party logistics, Supply chain design, Europe 2020, Transport sector implications of informatics and new logistics patterns, Logistics and the national economy, Manpower planning in service industries (Ph.D. dissertation using stochastic programming), and Production and inventory control.

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