Thomas Hedner

Professor, leg läk, MBA, Med dr, Ekon dr.

Thomas Hedner, born 1949, professor emeritus of Clinical Pharmacology at Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Göteborg, Sweden. Licenced physician (Leg.läk) and Economist (MBA).

Educated and trained at Sahlgrenska Academy (Sahlgrenska University Hospital) and School of Economics, University of Göteborg and Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Economics, Linköping University, Sweden.

Received MD degree 1977 and presented PhD thesis 1978 at the Department of Pharmacology, University of Göteborg, Sweden. Specialist training in Medicne (Clinical Pharmacology) at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg. Visiting professor at Division of Clinical Pharmacology, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA during 1986-87. Held a position as professor and acting chairman senior physician in Clinical Pharmacology, Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg from 1993 to 2016.

Extensive experience in Clinical Trials conduct and management. Has performed some 100 Clinical Trials in different areas of medicine, in particular cardiovascular, pain and inflammation.

Member of national as well as international general medical associations, member of ESH, ISH and ASH as well as IASP. Board member of the Swedish Hypertension Society 1993-2003. Received the International Society of Hypertension/Schering Corporation Research Fellowship 1986 and the Sten Gustafsson Prize in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Swedish Royal Society of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in 2008. Elected member of RIFO (Riksdagsmän och Forskare; Parliamentarians and Researchers) in 2012, Board Member Swedish Inventor Organization (Svenska Uppfinnareföreningen SUF)

Past and present medical research interests are primarily related to cardiovascular clinical pharmacology (management of hypertension and heart failure). Author and co-author of more than 500 scientific peer-reviewed medical publications (PubMed), many extensively cited, altogether more than 10.000 SCOPUS points. Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Blood Pressure for more than 20 years.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the School of Economics and commercial Law at Göteborg 2005. Presented an additional PhD in Economics (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) February 2012, on the thesis “Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry”. Economics research and publications include change processes in the pharmaceutical industry, open innovation, IPR strategy, entrepreneurial decision making, venture creation and SME growth.

Innovator and entrepreneur and founder of several biomedical start-ups (Blood Pressure AB, DuoCort AB, Laccure AB, Ambria AB, DNS AB, and more) and board member (KaroPharma AB). Holder of several patents within the bioscience and medical sector. Consultant to commercial companies and academic institutions. Chairman of Swedish Science Council Call on Proof-of-Concept in Life 2016. Since 2016 member of IMIT (Stiftelsen IMIT, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), School of Industrial Technology and Management) Stockholm and SICS East Swedish ICT AB, c/o Linköping University.

CV Thomas Hedner

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