Torbjörn Stjernberg

Professor emeritus

Torbjörn Stjernberg, now chair in Organization Theory at School of Business, Economics and Law earned his doctorate at Stockholm School of Economics in 1977. The focus in his theses, organizational change and quality of life, are still among his research interests, today with a focus on work life in project organizations. His research interests also concern the viability and diffusion of organizational innovations, processes in organizational networks, knowledge development and knowledge transfer in and between complex projects, methods and tools in organizational changes. He has recently focused on studies of innovations and product development.
Torbjörn Stjernberg is a member of the network Project Sweden, where he coordinate studies of the development and transfer of knowledge between projects, as well as the complexity and stress in project organizations. As consultant he has had assignments in organizational change processes, evaluation of changes, facilitating and/or evaluating downsizing (especially strategies to help the unions and the individuals concerned to deal with the downsizing and to find alternative careers). He has lead courses based on action learning or problem based learning approaches, such as courses in management consultation, international management etc.


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