Annika Olsson


My main research area is in user oriented packaging innovation and packaging development for a sustainable society. I have studied how the process of transformation from product and production orientation to user orientation can be achieved in product and service development & innovation. This research has a special focus on food and packaging supply chains, and is carried out in close collaboration with the related industry.

I write about these topics in different channels and here you can read (in Swedish) my thoughts on the role of packaging in Zero waste retail stores or on visualizing the value of innovative packaging

I am the coordinator of a research project funded by the Bo Rydin Foundation on value added integrated product and packaging development.

Packaging Logistics is involved in the Excellence Center of Retail research at Lund University ( ), where I am part of the management team.

I have coordinated the research project The Sustainable Packaging System, funded by Formas in the Hållbar Butik” (Sustainable Retail) programme. The aim was to develop models and case examples of new packaging systems for sustainable retail and thereby for a more sustainable society.

I participated as a researcher in the multidisciplinary project, Den (o)hållbara förpackningen, financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council). The result of the project is published in a book (Swedish)

I supervise Master thesis and PhD students in the areas of packaging innovation, packaging technology and packaging logistics.

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